The students whose names appear below should pick their letters from the office of the Dean of their Schools.


S/N Name of Student Department Type of Appeal
1. BS207/0050/18 Business management Deregistration
2. BC555-0538/12 Accounting Deregistration
3. BS104/6219/17 Business Management Deregistration
4. HS201/2011/14 Public Health Deregistration
5. CT202/0013/16 Information Technology Deregistration
6. AG206/0022/14 Agriculture External Repeat
7. AG210/0020/17 Agriculture Deregistration
8. AG202/0033/16 Agriculture Deregistration
9. AG209/0001/15 Agriculture Deregistration
10. AG208/0021/15 Animal health Deregistration
11. CT202/0019/17 Information Technology Deregistration
12. SC206/0126/14 Biological Deregistration
13. BS101/1241/16 Accounting Discontinuation
14. BS104/0016/18 Business management Suspension
15. EG209/0021/14Rp2 Electrical and Electronics Discontinuation
16. AG206/0029/17 Food science Suspension
17. BS207/0034/15 Business Management Deregistration
18. AG210/0012/17 Food Science Deregistration
19. SC203/0048/18 Mathematics Deregistration
20. CT202/0013/18 Information  Technology Deregistration
21. CT201/0047/15 Computer Science Deregistration
22. CT201/0040/16 Computer Science Deregistration