MUST in the Fight Against Climate Change

climate change

The Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) family continues to take great interest in the environment through awareness creation, extension services and training, and involving the University community and various stakeholders in tree planting exercises.

Students and Staff from the School of Health Sciences (SHS) led by Mr. Gervase Miriti (Dean, SHS) and Prof. Eric Muchiri (SHS) participated in a tree planting activity at the Kuani Hill in Kabaone, Tigania West Sub county.  The event was coordinated by the Kenya Forest Service Senior forester Mr. Mark Lenguru and the Tigania West Sub-county administrator Mr. James Mbogo.

fight agaist climate change

“Planted tree seedlings should be well protected and nurtured, so that they can contribute to increasing our national forest cover, enhance environmental sustainability and improve the livelihoods of the community and all Kenyans.” Mark Lenguru, Senior Forester, KFS

meru university in the fight against climate change

Trees are an important resource in our natural ecosystem with many benefits. Trees; represent a vast reservoir of genetic resources and bio-diversity, provide important habitats for all wildlife, and most importantly supply the oxygen we need to survive. The world is in danger without trees.

Deforestation, degradation of forests, desertification as well as global warming are some of the major threats to sustainable development that continue to negatively affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.


The MUST Management, Faculty, Staff and Students are a family devoted to countering the threats posed to our societies by climate change. MUST continually supports and devices new solutions through science, technology and environmental sustainability projects, such as our annual tree planting day, to play our role in dealing with climate change.  The MUST family has also made it a tradition that whenever we have guests visiting the University, we encourage them to plant trees at the University.

planting trees

Meru University of Science and Technology remains committed to sustaining the environment. If you are looking to join a University offering Quality Education and a holistic University student experience, we are here for you!

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