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Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University (ZAFU) pays Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) a courtesy visit.

Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University (ZAFU) paid Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) a courtesy visit on Thursday, 26th September 2019. The institutions of higher learning are in talks to collaborate on bamboo farming; an undertaking geared towards environmental sustainability among other great outcomes.

There is immense pressure placed on global resources by the ever growing human population and the increase of consumption per capita. Ecosystems are negatively affected while resources are depleted.

The Government of Kenya is working towards increasing the overall forest cover to 10% by 2022. Adoption of bamboo farming is crucial in enabling the realization of the Government’s goal.

The rapidly growing bamboo farming sector, is one of the ways the world can increase the forest cover in countries around the world. With numerous financial and environmental benefits tied to bamboo trees, both small-scale farmers and industrial developers are set to gain from investing in the plant.

At Meru University of Science and Technology, the focus is to ensure Quality Education is offered to our students. Collaborations with like-minded institutions of higher learning present profound opportunities for students to learn from different cultures, backgrounds and mindsets.

MUST looks forward to the possible collaboration with Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University, a multidisciplinary university focused on agriculture, biological environment, forestry, engineering, science, law, literature and art.  The University, based in Hangzhou, China was established by the provincial government and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

The linkage will open doors to the exploration of the bamboo industry in Kenya and an international collaboration devoted to positive development in our communities and country.

Our mission to provide Quality University Education is led by a well-tailored curriculum incorporating in-depth knowledge, hands-on practical skills and numerous industry exposure opportunities. Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) is committed to effecting positive and lasting solutions to global challenges faced.

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