MUST Collaborates with the University of Michigan

MUST Collaborates with the University of Michigan

The MUST family understands, values and appreciates our role in the innovation ecosystem. We are thrilled to expand our partnership with University of Michigan as we take up research through their School of Dentistry. The areas of research include but are not limited to, Regeneration of Tissues, Cancer and Dental Decay.

At a meeting held in our main campus, University of Michigan was led by Dr. Robert Eber (Director of Clinical Research), Dr. Carlos Gonzalez (Associate Dean, Academic) and six (6) students from the School of Dentistry. Our MUST team comprised the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, Dr. Peter Kenneth Ndege (Senior Lecturer and liaison of the University of Michigan), Dr. Maryjoy Kaimuri (Dean, School of Nursing), Mr. Gervase Miriti (Dean, School of Health Sciences), Dr. Amos Omamo (Director, RDE) and Dr. Frank Onyambu (Coordinator, Research and Extension).

MUST Collaborates University of Michigan

The Dentistry school, ranked first position in United States of America, will spearhead collaborations on the dental programme, mentorship of co-supervision of Masters and Ph.D. students, collaborative teaching and joint grant writing.

MUST and University of Michigan

Students and Staff from both institutions will have opportunities to share knowledge, network and work together towards creating solutions within the research areas. University of Michigan, crowned Best State University in the United States of America, shares our purpose to continually effect positive and lasting change within society.

Speaking at the ceremony, our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo encouraged the researchers and faculty to uphold inquiry-based learning such as problem-based learning. Prof. Odhiambo discussed the importance of research and innovation in shaping dental education and the overall dental profession as we aim to make our mark in the global dental healthcare.

After the meeting, the team from University of Michigan visited a section of our University next to the multipurpose hall to check on trees part of the team planted over ten (10) years ago. As our Chancellor, Dr. James Mwangi states, “We need to not only plant but GROW trees.”

University of Michigan forest at Meru University

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