MUST School of Agriculture and Food Science Participates in an International Symposium

Dalhousie University, Canada, Faculty of Agriculture organized a virtual symposium “Global Reach 2023, themed: Solving Agricultural Problems Through Research and Innovation” which took place on 12th and 13th, July 2023.

MUST School of Agriculture and Food Science Participates in an International Symposium

This Symposium brought together International partner universities from Canada, China, India, and Kenya in a knowledge-sharing event to explore innovative research solutions to agricultural problems. Participating universities included: 

Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada), 

Meru University of Science & Technology (MUST, Meru, Kenya),

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU, Fujian Province, China) and 

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU, Tamil Nadu, India). 


During the symposium MUST Vice Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, among the Vice Chancellors from the other participating Universities gave opening remarks focusing on the importance of international collaborations and in particular the special relationship between MUST and Dalhousie University. In addition, he reiterated the role of Agriculture to global issues including food security and climate change.

MUST School of Agriculture and Food Science Participates in an International Symposium

This research symposium was held virtually and took place in two sessions over the two days. Research presentations focused on three thematic areas: Engineering & Food Production, Crop Production & Sustainable Food Systems, and Animal Welfare & Nutrition. The objective of the presentation was to share completed or ongoing research that can provide solutions to agricultural challenges being faced.


Meru University of Science and Technology was represented by four postgraduate students from the School of Agriculture and Food Science (SAFS) addressing the three thematic areas. For the Animal Welfare and Nutrition theme MUST was represented by Dr. Florence Thiakunu and Ms Beatrice Ngendo Nyaga who presented their research titled “Performance effects of feed supplementation on lactating camels during mating season in Isiolo, Kenya” and “The role of private veterinarians towards improving donkey welfare in Meru County” respectively. On the Engineering & Food Production theme, MUST was represented by Mr. Stephen Oselu and Ms. Lorraine Moindi Amwoma with their research works titled “Production and characterization of camel milk yoghurt containing different types of stabilizing agents” and “The impact of pulse electric field treatment on oxidation, color, & sensory attributes of turkey breast meat” respectively.  On Crop production and Sustainable food systems theme, MUST was represented by Victor Kemboi and Moses Njoka Murithi with presentations on “Effects of land preparation methods and organic soil amendments on soil properties, growth and yield of maize (Zea mays)” and “Influence of varying soil moisture on growth and yield of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) in Meru county, Kenya” respectively.

MUST School of Agriculture and Food Science Participates in an International Symposium

Over the two days there were a total of twenty-four (24) presentations covering a broad spectrum of topics. Research and funding opportunities available in Canada were also shared with the participants.

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Special thanks to Prof. David Parks and Winona Tompkins from Dalhousie University for the organisation and planning, Prof. Joshua Arimi and Prof. Peter Masinde in coordinating the MUST students and ensuring the flag of MUST was flown high in the International arena.

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