MUST Staff Sensitized on Disability Mainstreaming

National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD)

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) hosted officers from the National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD) for an accessibility audit and training for members of staff on disability mainstreaming. The two officers were Mr. Martin Murithi, NCPWDs officer for the Eastern Region and Ms. Sherlyn Adhiambo Ochieng’, NCPWDs disability mainstreaming officer, in Nairobi.  The Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Simon Thuranira welcomed the guests and officially opened the training. In his speech, Prof. Thuranira said that the issue of disability is anchored in the law that the University has made great strides in disability mainstreaming.

The training was a fruitful interaction between the officers and members of staff on issues concerning mainstreaming. Members of staff were trained on the following important themes:

MUST hosted NCPWD officers

  1. The Functions of the NCPWD:
  • Registration of Persons with Disabilities, organizations and institutions.
  • Mainstreaming of disability in all private and public sectors.
  • Economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through provision of grants to groups.
  • Assistive devices and adaptive technologies.
  • Education Scholarships.
  • Job Placement
  • Infrastructure improvement

Members of staff

  2. Disability Etiquette:

Members of staff were trained on how to relate with PWDs. When dealing with a person with disability always treat them in the way you would treat any other person. In particular, when you want to help, always ASK. Do not offer unsolicited help based on your own perceptions of what a PWD’s needs are.

 3. Myths and Facts

Members of Staff were taken through several myths and facts about disability. One of the myths is that persons who are visually impaired acquire a “sixth sense” which is not true.

This was a timely a training which empowered staff at MUST on issues concerning disability mainstreaming.  Disability is a club where everyone and anyone is a potential member, therefore as individuals and institutions we need to be prepared for adjustments for any eventuality.

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